We offer solutions that have successfully served thousands of customers worldwide, in multiple industries, to meet every possible business vertical.

  • Vehicle Tracking
    The Vehicle Tracking is the core of the Compass Telematics solution. This handy fleet management tool combines our Compass Client (automatic vehicle locator) software application that sits on your computer, with the Qube GPS Tracking Device that resides in the vehicle.

  • Messaging
    Whatever your industry and whatever size of your fleet, great communication with your field force is essential. Enjoy fast, efficient and cost-effective two-way messaging between the office and vehicle using Compass Telematics Messaging.

  • Construction/Heavy Equipment
    With a construction telemetric solution, you can be sure that each piece of construction or heavy equipment on every job site is working as hard as you are. We can track both on road and off road assets on one application.

  • School Bus/People Transportation
    Spend less and save more on people transportation vehicles. Compass Telemetric delivers a dedicated solution to pinpoint inefficiencies, reduce expenses and added security to the passengers and their loved ones.

  • Refrigerated Transportation (Cold Chain)
    The Temperature Monitoring Solution allows the fleet manager to monitor the temperature of temperature controlled cargo.

  • Engine Management System
    A solution that has the ability to interface with a vehicle, gather relevant engine, vehicle and driver data and present this in a reporting suite or display this data in a live fashion.

  • Mining
    Compass Telematics provides mining sites real-time access to fleet and asset information. Our fleet management solution, with Iridium satellite communication and cellular coverage, ensures you know the location of your staff, vehicles and assets at all times.