Radio Taxi Solution

Compass Telematics Radio Taxi business operating solution supports its esteemed clients, not only with real time location information and related message communication to vehicle from the control room for client address and driver information but also offer other services such as Client information management, Driver behavior, Driver Identification, Remote capture of fare information per trip, One touch Predefined business message for status update to the control room, comparative usage information against vehicle groups and so on. These value-added services enhance the competitive strength of Radio Taxi service providers by improving their customer service levels, Proper distribution of client pickup/business offering to all its associated Cabs ensuring auto dispatch of the nearby vehicle and reducing wastage and costs in terms of Dry run. Our Radio Taxi Solution covers many processes, such as automated identification of nearest free vehicles with approx. distance from the event location, sophisticated CRM module for client analysis, integration of Loyalty card, Panic button for client safety and of course real time customized events and alerts to the related stake holders in the whole Business process.

Currently in the market, Radio Taxies are equipped with a GPS device and a message Display unit in the vehicle; People also use driver mobile phones to communicate the passenger information. To enhance the service offering to the end user as well as for a complete end to end business operation process with real time controllability and traceability, a one window system is being offered by Compass Telematics.

Process Flow:

  • Step 1:
    Customer calls the Call Centre on specified telephone number. The customer needs not be a pre-registered in Taxi dispatch system.

  • Step 2:
    A customer details form pops up on the screen of call taker who is not engaged on another call. The call taker has to fill up following information:

    • a. Name
    • b. Telephone / Mobile No.
    • c. Address of Pickup
    • d. Landmark: This landmark should match with Point of Interest in the Radio Taxi Company's database.
    • e. Pickup Time
    • f. Destination
  • Step 3:
    The application software will be intelligent enough to find out the nearby vehicles against any particular customer location which is received over phone by call center executive. The system will be capable of sorting out the maximum used/non used vehicle and assign new job to the less used vehicle

  • Step 4:
    The customer details are passed on to the Auto dispatcher. The auto-dispatcher sends the pickup details to "X" numbers nearest empty vehicles to the Landmark for the bidding purpose. The distance is aerial distance from the Latitude / Longitude of the Landmark. Empty cab is the one which is logged in and meter is not running. Out of responding vehicles, one vehicle is short listed using pre-defined parameters. The user has an option to select one predefined parameter e.g. Nearest Distance Vehicle, Low taxi business on the day etc. The Auto dispatch process takes less than 2 minutes.

  • Step 5:
    Cab picks up the customer – Once cab picks up customer, Using MDT predefined message button driver has an option to confirm start of journey to the control room. The cab is engaged now and cannot be allotted another bid.

  • Step 6:
    Journey Complete – the cab driver pressed journey complete button on the MDT. Details about the trip shall be kept as a log along with trip distance/trip time/ fare amount. The cab is available now and can be allotted with a new bid.

Proposed solution and System Components

System is proposed to be configured in such a way, so that whenever ignition of the vehicle is switched on, the automatic meter will also get switched on and the driver need to flag on/off. The information is stored on the back end control station The components listed below form a complete call taxi dispatch management system kit for each taxi. This kit will be installed inside each taxi. The envisaged system shall be broadly categorized into following major blocks.

  • 1. Compass Qube Telematics device
  • 2. MDT (Mobile Data terminal)
  • 3. Integrated Taxi Meter
  • 4. Compass Client application software for fleet Tracking and two way messaging
  • 5. Integrated Call center software with CRM
  • 6. Automated dispatch application software