Cold Chain Logistics Solutio

Compass Telematics cold-chain tracking and monitoring solution supports its esteemed clients, not only with real time Temperature monitoring solution for refrigerated food transportations, but also other services such as information management, inventory control, and quality control. These value-added services enhance the competitive strength of cold chain service providers by improving their customer service levels, ensuring food quality and compliance standards and reducing wastage and costs. Our cold chain logistics solution covers many processes, such as temperature recording and tracking, refrigerating equipment monitoring, temperature checkpoint setting and related real time events and alerts to the related stake holders in the whole supply chain.

Currently in the market, temperature data loggers are placed in the truck to record the history of temperature of different areas along the whole journey but this is not a real-time monitoring approach. To enhance the temperature controllability and traceability, a real-time monitoring system is being offered by Compass Telematics.

We provide multiple sensors temperature monitoring information during transportation, using one single unit to address advanced multi-chambered or large refrigerated trucks that are in use today. Which means there are several different temperature areas in a single truck, in order to transport different sort of goods in an optimized approach. These data are transmitted to the surveillance room in the distribution center through the GRPS communication system by the frequency that set up by the staff in distribution center.

In addition, the GPS module mounted on every truck will collect the position statistics together with the temperature data send back by GPRS network. The transmission frequency is set diversely for different kinds of goods that are transported. When the temperature being monitored goes out of range, an alarm will be triggered. The alarm signal is not only displayed on the control panel to call for attention from the drivers but also the alarming message will be sent by GPRS network to the remote distribution center, thus the staff there can coordinate with the drivers in field to detect and eliminate the problems promptly.

The temperature fluctuation history curve during transportation, along with door sensors and A/C sensors can give very accurate history of the food and other temperature controlled items during its journey. This allows the customer to manage the quality of their goods with as much detail in transit as it can be done in their own warehouse.

Hardware and software components used in Compass telematics's cold chain solution:

  • 1. Qube4 Telematics device
  • 2. Refer on/off switch to monitor refer status
  • 3. Temperature sensor (Up to 6 temperature probe per device)
  • 4. Door sensor to monitor unauthorized door open/close
  • 5. Compass Client application software to define different temperature threshold limit